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Rigilog knows the challenges of traffic and transportation companies and has developed a solution that meets the special requirements of this industry:


LogiX: The workwear software for all industries - A revolution in workwear procurement

Workwear is an essential component in many professions. The right workwear is not only protection against injury, but also an expression of professionalism and makes work easier for many employees and colleagues. In many industries, it is necessary to wear special workwear that meets the requirements of the specific field in which employees work. 

The use of workwear management software is becoming increasingly popular as companies focus on the safety and comfort of their employees. Our Clothing management software LogiX, can be used very individually, for example in the procurement of workwear in the healthcare, catering, construction and transportation sectors.

Workwear management with LogiX supports the management of your employees' workwear

1: LogiX enables better control, the system keeps track of the stock (order, delivery, current equipment) of workwear per employee and reduces the number of lost or misplaced workwear items. Items can also be sourced from a "second-hand pool", for example, thereby saving resources. 

LogiX as online webshop software, helps you to easily assign workwear to your employees. This is particularly useful in industries such as healthcare, where it is important that employees wear certain types of clothing to prevent the spread of disease, for example. The software can ensure that each employee has the right type of clothing in their inventory. Workwear is regularly cleaned via a 'laundry process' and replaced based on set expiry times.

LogiX: Software-based procurement management for workwear also ensures the management of employee sizes and preferences and procurement planning in the future. For example, if employees require individual sizes or badges, LogiX can take this into account and ensure that each employee receives the workwear he or she needs. This will help to increase employee satisfaction and, for example, avoid unplanned costs due to the procurement of new workwear that does not fit. 

Finally, as an online webshop, LogiX is also very helpful in managing budgets, returns, equipment and quotas for the respective employee accounts. It doesn't matter whether you use the system on a mobile device or directly in the office on your PC. Use the software to set the budget for workwear and LogiX ensures that orders remain within a points limit, total or quantity. This helps to further reduce costs, increase efficiency and, once again, employee satisfaction.

For selected sectors, we have linked a short product description and further information below.


Transport companies, transportation companies & freight forwarders

As the manager of a transport company, freight forwarder or transportation company, you know the challenges when it comes to clothing and outfitting your employees. Rigilog understands the challenges of transport and transportation companies and has developed a solution that meets the special requirements of this industry:


Automotive industry

The automotive industry places specific requirements on workwear in order to meet the needs of employees. In addition to safety and protection, comfort and freedom of movement also play a decisive role.


Building trade

The construction industry requires a special type of workwear that meets both safety standards and the comfort needs of workers. I
Workwear in the construction industry


Retail trade

In today's retail environment, the right workwear is essential not only to convey a professional appearance, but also to ensure the safety of employees in the workplace.


Disposal company

With the help of an online procurement management platform, they can efficiently customize the workwear for their waste disposal teams and differentiate it by activity. 


Vehicle construction

Clothing account management is an important aspect of the vehicle manufacturing and supply sector. By effectively controlling and optimizing the use of workwear, companies can reduce costs and improve their budget planning.


Fire department

It is essential to select workwear that meets the highest safety standards and offers firefighters the freedom of movement they need to perform their duties effectively.


Facility Management

The right workwear not only ensures protection against injuries and accidents, but also enables better identification of employees and strengthens the company image. Different requirements need to be met in building services and facility management.


Building cleaning

The procurement and management of workwear for building cleaners is challenging. The variety of workwear for different cleaning tasks requires a precise determination of requirements and selection of suitable clothing.


Hotel & Hospitality

Workwear and professional clothing play a crucial role in the hotel and catering industry. These garments are not only an important part of the professional image, but also serve to ensure the safety and hygiene of employees.



Smart textiles are an emerging innovation in the workwear industry and have also found their way into medical workwear. These smart textiles are equipped with embedded sensors and electronic components that enable various functions.


Courier services & parcel services

As a courier or parcel carrier, it is important to wear the right workwear in everyday working life. Not only for a professional appearance, but also for your own safety. Workwear for courier and parcel services should of course be comfortable and functional first and foremost.


Mechanical engineering

The right workwear is extremely important in the mechanical engineering sector. It not only serves to protect employees, but also influences their comfort and efficiency.. 



In order to meet the specific requirements, work clothing for police officers must fulfill various criteria. With the right clothing, police officers can effectively protect themselves from dangers such as stabs, cuts or blows.



Workwear and professional clothing are essential for shipbuilders, as they not only provide them with protection and comfort, but also play a crucial role in the shipbuilding industry


Public utilities

Municipal utilities attach great importance to the well-being and safety of their employees. By introducing an innovative online procurement management system for workwear and professional clothing, they can offer their employees the best possible comfort and protection.


Guard and security services

Purchasing workwear for security services online in the webshop offers you many advantages, including efficient procurement, cost optimization, higher quality and easy procurement.