Features and processes

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Ordering / equipping / dressing / onboarding and offboarding

Based on rights and roles, a personal store is displayed after login which shows employees their individual articles and equipment according to their job function(s). Direct connection of any main warehouses, local warehouses and suppliers, whose delivery status and availability can be displayed. With integrated communication functions for questions and complaints with reference to the respective order. Various statistics on order behavior per employee or account assignment object or cost centers are quickly available via Excel or PDF.


  • Employee data import As manual input via detailed mask, mass import via CSV file or automated via the interface to the HCM software to work with daily updated data
  • Initial equipment
  • Size recognition
  • Tailored clothing
  • Individualization of logo, rank, name
  • Wearing time control
  • Points or budget management
  • Follow-up order
  • Consumables ordering
  • Merchandising orders
  • Private order
  • Order cancellation
  • Order tracking
  • Date management
  • Complaints / returns management
  • Return and reuse
  • Track & Trace shipment tracking
  • Automatically generated goods receipt for replenishment from local warehouses
  • Separate reordering interfaces for person / warehouse / organizational unit
  • collective order
  • Assigned order
  • Obsolescence management
  • Multilingual
  • Automatic identification technology
  • virtual warehouses

Article, supplier and employee administration

Definition of orderable items with their properties and individual assignments. Mapping and maintenance of the company structure, organizational units and cost centres.


  • Article master data management
  • Rights and role management
  • User-defined data
  • Serial numbers, batches and expiration dates
  • Price list management
  • Sales type organization
  • Bank administration
  • Shipping types
  • Supplier administration
  • Employee accounts
  • Statistics: unclaimed points
  • Private catalog function


Warehouse management / merchandise management

Core function for processing your logistics and merchandise management. Mapping of centralized and decentralized warehouse structures with integration of supplier warehouses. Customer-specific picking process with control mechanisms to prevent incorrect deliveries. Precise process control of customizations. Integration of RIFD and scanner technology for the clear identification of goods and their permanent traceability.


  • Warehouse structure
  • Assignment of occupancy rules
  • Warehouse processes
  • Shipping processes
  • Labeling prints
  • Article data
  • Intelligent inventory function
  • Transfer postings
  • Order picking
  • Statistical evaluation


Invoicing of deliveries and other services. Credit note processing for return deliveries and reuse cycles. Invoicing taking into account multiple price lists and currencies.


  • Invoice management
  • Manual postings
  • Invoice output
  • Research/search
  • Evaluations
  • Archiving invoices
  • Invoicing
  • Credit notes/returns
  • Reversal postings

Care / repair / maintenance

Administration and management of washing and cleaning processes for workwear that is either cleaned within the company or handed in to an external service provider/cleaner.


  • Monitoring of wash cycles
  • Station management
  • RFID tags
  • Wash orders
  • Order tracking
  • Billing of washing services


Einkauf und Disposition

Scheduling of procurement orders or tenders and management of supplier relationships for merchandise, manufactured goods and ingredients or services. Automatic stock checks taking into account reorder levels, delivery deadlines and consumption statistics to avoid bottlenecks at all times. Planning tool for production orders.


  • Automatic disposition
  • Understock reaction
  • Incidence-based replenishment
  • Manual replenishment
  • Integration into logistics
  • Information/ standard evaluations

Equipment management / KIT articles / maintenance

Management of complex composite items (kit items) that are assembled from individual items and stored for simplified ordering by employees. Not only are shelf lives (batches, serial numbers) automatically monitored for individually tracked items, but the current assignment to employees is also automatically logged.


  • Current article status
  • Automatic monitoring
  • Automatic maintenance and service suggestions
  • life cycle analysis
  • Setup of KIT articles
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Setup of KIT articles

Management of customer data (CRM), inquiries, offers, orders

Multi-client CRM with quotation and order entry as well as availability overviews with full decentralized access


  • Create, maintain and delete customer data
  • Manage requests / offers / orders
  • Outlook integration
  • contacts
  • calendar
  • Communication history