Warehouse Management Software - Digital warehouse management system

For humanitarian aid, emergency services, ground handling, facility management

Having your own warehouse in your company, perfectly synchronized and intelligent, is an appealing idea! In times of problem-free worldwide orders via online shopping, the demands of users have increased. An outdated warehouse management system and outdated merchandise management software tend to be prone to errors, which make problems worse rather than counteracting them.

A modern warehouse management system thinks along with you, ensures efficiency in the storage processes, maintains an overview at all times and warns you before capacities are exhausted and space problems can arise. Material and information flow at a higher speed and the entire process is of a higher quality with a much lower susceptibility to errors. Data security and stock transparency are maintained at all times during transport, and the internal warehouse system is continuously optimized and documented.

LogiX supports the design of the optimal warehouse structure, master data management, inventory management and transportation management. Internal warehouse processes, goods receipts and goods issues are monitored and automatically controlled.

  • Simple creation of the warehouse structure for warehouse management, without the help of experts

  • Internal warehouse processes, expected goods receipt, goods issue

  • Even non-IT-savvy employees in merchandise management are very quickly familiar with the applications

  • Group scheduling across all variants with range calculation etc.

  • Integrated dispatch control and transport management