Clothing management software for workwear and uniforms

For federal authorities, transport and energy companies, retail trade

Always providing the right clothing on time is a valuable image factor for your company and an essential task of workwear management. What sounds so simple is actually the biggest everyday challenge for the department responsible for procuring workwear. Small carelessnesses can have costly consequences for your company in no time at all and demotivate the team. LogiX is an intelligent and efficient workwear management software that optimizes processes, avoids sources of error and professionalizes your workwear management.

  • Self-service ordering option for workwear

  • Control of workwear orders (via points system or quotas)

  • Monitoring the wearing times of workwear

  • Bundled communication (orders, returns) in procurement

  • Software with a 360-degree view of the entire company's procurement management, locations for both centralized and decentralized supply