The company

Know-how l Power l Passion - all in one package.


Our know-how has a name: LogiX

Rigilog connects people with goods and data. LogiX revolutionizes logistics and its processes.

As our customer, you benefit from our decades of international experience and our passion for logistics. We are already moving into the digital future so that we are always one step ahead for you.

Infografik Unternehmen - Know-how
Infografik Unternehmen - Power


We build bridges between ON-line and OFF-line.

This makes us your most important supporters in the exciting world of digitalization. We pull together with you to find the best solutions for your company. With our strength and knowledge, you will be ready for any future task.


We like to think of everything!

In our highly technological working environment, thinking and planning in all eventualities and details is a must. That's why we are an inspired team with a passion for detail and empathy for the world of our customers. People and their needs are at the heart of everything we do.

Infografik Unternehmen - Passion
Infografik Unternehmen - Team


We are always on the digital ball.

We love the synergy effects that arise from close cooperation with our customers and suppliers. They fulfill us and are our permanent motivation. Together, we are getting ready for the next level and the logistics world of the day after tomorrow.