Stay more competitive: find your hidden reserves!!

Early Birds get more for for their budget!

Early planning ensures more profit when purchasing on the international market and stabilizes your company through forward-looking timing. Save resources, avoid mistakes: Costs can be allocated correctly.

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Recycling spart bares Geld!

Fluctuation is a completely normal process in companies. You can significantly minimize the associated financial losses. Workwear should not be produced for the dustbin. The higher the quality of the goods, the greater the savings potential: savings of up to 60% can be achieved by recycling and hygienic processing of the materials.

Stock up with brains!

The fluctuation of employees can only be planned to a limited extent. This often leads to the need for stockpiling going wrong, e.g. if the product range is ordered and stored too broadly. Recognize your streamlining potential with LogiX, experience the advantages of dynamic warehousing and benefit from the possibility of planned, acyclical purchasing.

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Nachhaltigkeit nicht nur GUT fürs Image!

There have long been global counter-movements to the throwaway society. It is not only private individuals who are learning a new way of dealing with the fast-moving fashion industry; technologies and the economy are also responding to the new ecological awareness. Recycling is setting an example for sustainability and responsible resource management - also increasingly in the business world. Tons of textile waste, constantly new raw materials and new cycles of chemical processing are a burden on the environment. High-quality workwear and protective clothing made from high-tech materials must not end up in the garbage can before the end of its useful life. The higher the quality of the goods, the greater the savings potential: hygienic reprocessing of the materials means that new employees or temporary staff can be dressed perfectly and cost-effectively. By utilizing the entire useful life of a high-quality garment, savings of up to 60% can often be achieved.