Rigilog LogiX SHOP & CONTROL

LogiX can be easily integrated into any system landscape. Thanks to flexible connection via interfaces to all software versions of the latest generation for HR, financial accounting and ERP systems. Your employees' data is protected to the maximum, always up to date and the on-boarding and off-boarding of team members is completely unproblematic.


Your solution for complex decentralized orders and the associated communication for a wide variety of goods (e.g. textiles, tools, protective equipment, IT equipment, merchandising articles or consumer goods).

In the Logix store, we combine the master data of your external suppliers' articles (catalogs, variants, delivery data), the personal data of your employees (individual sizes, customizations, addresses) and their specific activities (several at the same time, depending on the area of application) with the company data (locations, organizational units, cost centres or projects).

The goods are displayed via a defined access right - individualized directly to the user - and enable uncomplicated self-service ordering. Budget limits, employee quotas or points values ensure that all employees are supplied with work and safety-relevant equipment, but that abusive oversupply is regulated. Direct connection of any local warehouses and suppliers or an external fulfillment service provider complete the entire process, even if this is outsourced.


Is the efficient software solution for all logistics and merchandise management processes that is platform-independent and web-based. Warehouse structures are optimally supported, storage locations are mapped centrally and decentrally and the allocation of occupancy rules can be controlled with CONTROL.

Warehouse processes are processed precisely, warehouse and item availability is recorded in real time and various shipping methods are automated from A-Z. Item-relevant data such as suppliers, order numbers, images, prices, weight, volume and shelf life are also tracked, making warehouse management and administration very simple.

The intelligent inventory function does not affect operations and statistical evaluations make controlling particularly efficient. Life cycle management and returns of all kinds are fully taken into account, with the possible integration of RFID technology.

The interface architecture is flexible, the tool is easy to expand and there are multiple potential savings: Standardization of internal and external merchandise management processes, no costs for installation and training and low maintenance costs make CONTROL particularly attractive for companies of all sizes.