Equipment management software & inventory management

For disaster control, humanitarian aid, height rescuers, emergency doctor

The continuity of supply within its operating processes and thus the guarantee of a high level of supply security is an important strategic task of equipment management in every company. At the same time, the supply risk should be as low as possible and the supply efficiency particularly high.

As software for PPE (personal protective equipment), LogiX helps you to cope with this complex task in equipment management by providing an overview at all times, automating the management of equipment and issuing immediate warnings if, for example, an expiry date has passed or maintenance cycles are not adhered to. LogiX also takes care of the procurement and usage management of equipment and workwear for you.

  • For high-maintenance protective equipment (helmets, protective clothing, safety systems) and equipment (emergency medical kits, NBC protective equipment)

  • for monitoring serial numbers, batches, expiry times, warranty data, software licenses 

  • Multi-vendor integration for C-parts management, allocation according to account assignment elements (cost centers / projects etc.)

  • Assemble equipment sets (KIT)

  • Allocation of C-parts or equipment according to job profile or equipment standard ensures fairness for all employees