Digital supply chain management

For ground handling, global companies, manufacturing companies, manufacturers of work fashion and PPE (personal protective equipment)

If you want to take your supply chain management to the next digital level, then you should contact us. Often, the greatest sensitivity alone is not enough to optimize all procurement and logistics processes in connection with suppliers.

Coordination and cooperation are often emphasized in theory, but in reality, supply chain control is not implemented professionally by many companies. The devil is in the detail. That's why our software seamlessly monitors all material flows, information and financial flows from the manufacturer to the supplier to the consumer. LogiX supports the control of value creation from the supplier to the end consumer and thus professionalizes the management of procurement and logistics.

  • Multi-vendor management with delivery dates, automated scheduling and invoicing

  • Process chain linking (delivery, finishing, individualization, packaging)

  • Control from the supplier to the end consumer

  • Mapping of professional logistics networks with central warehouses, hubs and on-site warehouses