LogiX is the modular merchandise management software from Rigilog that controls all procurement processes more transparently and effectively along your processes. From the employee portal for work clothing and protective equipment to C-parts management, Rigilog connects people with goods and devices.

... and can of course be integrated into your existing IT system landscape. In addition, it can do even more:


Your specific needs structure the individual interface.

Digitalization changes the HOW and thus our entire areas of life and work. Create scope for innovation and react faster and more correctly to developments. We offer you the opportunity to concentrate on your core business and dedicate yourself to creating value in your company.

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More flexible

You decide what you need and when.

Individually and flexibly configurable software can be expanded at any time and thus adapted to your needs of tomorrow. Your proven structures remain intact! Information from other IT systems is taken over, processed with additional data and safely output again. Every department is informed simultaneously and completely.

More efficient

“Only those who know their key figures can control them.”

With the right software, you can look to the future with peace of mind: costly delays caused by superiors' absences for pecuniary approvals or ordering errors by your employees are unnecessary. Gestation periods, framework agreements with suppliers and compliance with budgets are easily controlled by the system and evaluations of your most important key figures can be accessed at any time at the push of a button.

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Don’t make yourself unnecessarily dependent on suppliers.


With LogiX you manage all procurement processes on just one interface. So that your company can continue to grow unhindered in the future with more transparency and a full overview. Our software integrates naturally into your existing system and gives you freedom to make your decisions.

Your company benefits from the 24/7 ordering option and the elimination of annoying sources of errors.