Maintenance software - Maintenance Management Software

For paramedics, medics, organizations with security tasks, humanitarian aid, emergency services, any company with technical equipment

What applies to the maintenance of clothing is even more important for technical tools. Even complex items, such as kits, must be checked for completeness, expiration dates of the respective batches and full usability. Errors are practically eliminated by supporting software. Warranty periods are also no longer overlooked because their expiry triggers a process that warns the relevant departments in the company ahead of time.

With LogiX, you get an all-round carefree tool in your company, because before you can forget an important task, the software has already initiated all the necessary steps. There's no smarter way to organize the maintenance and care of your devices and machines!

  • the software for controlling washing processes for workwear and maintenance processes for clothing and equipment

  • can be operated by both the client and the maintenance service provider

  • Kits with complex parts lists or construction plans are displayed simply (emergency kits, medical kits, service and assembly kits)

  • Predictive maintenance ensures long-term performance and reliability