Application overview

Simplify your daily business!

Why actually digitize?

Digitalization changes the HOW and thus our entire areas of life and work. Create scope for innovation and react faster and more correctly to developments. We offer you the opportunity to concentrate on your core business and dedicate yourself to creating value in your company.

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Digitalization prevents errors, avoids worries and conflicts.

Even today, no company can avoid digitalization.

  • Enjoy the ease of use and the fact that you can trust software that thinks and looks ahead.

  • Transparency avoids conflicts: LogiX always provides everyone with data and information at the same time.

  • Data protection guidelines, labor laws, compliance conformity: these processes are automatically monitored by the software

  • Digitization pays off: Discover your hidden reserves by avoiding unnecessary multiple purchases.

Every success begins with the employees. LogiX becomes part of your success story!

  • Routine tasks are the job of the software: employees are too valuable for tedious routine work - today and even more so in the future.

  • The latest studies have proven that perfect equipment and optimized processes make teams happier and more productive.

  • Focusing on keeping employees mentally and physically healthy makes employers more attractive

  • LogiX as a digital feel-well manager for your team.

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With LogiX, you are optimally networked within your own company.

Compliance and fairness in all departments become a reality: predefined equipment (e.g. hardware and software) means that no employees are advantaged or disadvantaged, even if they are based at different locations:

  • More homogeneous information flows and more uniform standards

  • Networking down to the smallest branch or subsidiary

  • Documentation of processes and procedures, in real time and at the touch of a button

Depicting and representing suddenly becomes very easy.

Real-time evaluations save time: constantly having to keep up with reports and evaluations is no longer up to date.

  • Visualize costs per location or organizational unit in a structured manner and readjust processes if necessary

  • Transparency from purchasing planning to recycling

  • Act instead of react.

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