Berufskleidung für Krankenhäuser

Good working clothes are of crucial importance for the medical staff in the hospital. It not only fulfills a protective function against infections, but also makes a significant contribution to a professional appearance. By choosing the right workwear, hospital staff can increase patient confidence and convey a sense of security.

Workwear in the hospital: why is it so important?

The work clothes in the hospital / nursing home should meet certain hygienic requirements. It must be easy to clean and offer the option of effectively repelling dirt and germs. Through the use of special materials and technologies, workwear can be antibacterial or even antiviral to further reduce the risk of infection. In addition, it should be comfortable and functional in order to offer employees a pleasant working environment and support their productivity.

In order to comply with the hygienic standards for work clothing in hospitals or medical centers, there are prescribed guidelines and standards. These determine, for example, which materials may be used and how the clothing should be cleaned. Regular quality controls and a careful selection of suppliers ensure that the workwear meets the requirements and is of a high quality.

Technological innovations in hospital workwear


Berufskleidung für Krankenhäuser
Berufskleidung für Krankenhäuser

Smart textiles are an emerging innovation in the workwear industry and have also made their way into medical workwear. These smart textiles are equipped with embedded sensors and electronic components that enable various functions. In medical workwear, for example, smart textiles can be used to monitor the vital functions of employees. The use of smart textiles in medical workwear also offers advantages in terms of protection against infections. By using antimicrobial or antiviral materials, these smart textiles can inhibit the growth of pathogens, thereby reducing the risk of infection for medical staff.

The procurement management for workwear in the hospital plays an important role in ensuring the smooth supply of medical staff. Precise needs assessment and budget planning are essential. It must be determined how much work clothing is required and what financial means are available for this. It is also important to select suitable suppliers who can supply high-quality workwear. Continuous quality control is also of great importance to ensure that the workwear supplied meets the requirements


Workwear for medical staff ordered in the online shop with LogiX

Thanks to the online procurement management system, hospitals can optimize their procurement processes and save time and resources. For example, through transparent and traceable procurement, since all orders and deliveries are recorded electronically. This makes inventory easier and avoids the loss of work clothing. With a bespoke online procurement management system, hospitals can ensure their employees are always equipped with quality and appropriate workwear, resulting in a professional and consistent look.

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Conclusion: Advantages of using LogiX for hospitals and medical centers

Sourcing workwear online in the webshop brings you many advantages, including efficient sourcing, cost optimization, higher quality and easy sourcing.