Digital asset management

For facility management, construction companies, building management, hotels, mobile workshops, repair service companies

Property management requires active planning, management and control of all measures that affect the value of a property. Any cleaning and maintenance work that is not carried out, or not carried out in good time, is immediately visible and often involves disproportionate follow-up costs. A perfectly equipped, clean and well-maintained building, on the other hand, is the best business card for your working company.

Planning the use of cost-intensive special equipment is usually essential, but purchasing multiple pieces unnecessarily is an uneconomical step. But how many of each machine do you need and where is the urgently needed piece of equipment located? LogiX helps in this and many other cases and makes facility management uncomplicated and efficient:

Whether for the inventory of basic equipment, the communication of insurance claims or the processing of tenders, quotations and order placement. You will be impressed by how smoothly you can communicate via LogiX and how easily all processes can be handled in the future. Revolutionize your facility management, the lifecycle management of your equipment and clothing as well as the management and tracking of fixed assets with intelligent software;

  • Requests for quotations from service providers or suppliers

  • In lending processes, not only the times are logged, but also checked for completeness and accessories

  • supports modern tracking methods:

    •  RFID (Radiofrequenz-Identifikation)

    • Several transponders can be read at the same time (bulk reading)

    • Barcode or QR tracking - ideal for stocktaking

  • Bundled communication (requesting quotations, comparing suppliers or service providers, commissioning and billing to property accounts or clients)